Holistic Aromatherapy

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Holistic Aromatherapy

Train yourself as an Aromatherapist

Holistic aromatherapy seeks to restore balance through the use of essential oils, in order to trigger the intrinsic healing process in each of us.

In this course I have combined the delivery of study material both in writing and in recorded classes, with experiential exercises that will allow you to cultivate deep knowledge with essential oils.

What are the advantages of taking the Holistic Aromatherapy Training course?

Become an aromatherapist

Foundational principles

You will learn what holistic aromatherapy is and what its scope is, in addition to acquiring the fundamental knowledge to use essential oils safely and effectively.

Aromatic Materia Medica

You will study in depth 40 essential oils that I have chosen for their diversity of therapeutic properties, aromatic and subtle characteristics.

Essential Oil Chemistry

I have done my best to make studying the chemistry of essential oils easy and fun.

Aromatic Preparation

You will learn to make different aromatic preparations for environmental use, olfaction, inhalation and topical use, as well as understanding which form of application to choose.

Safety and Sustentability

The responsible use of essential oils requires knowing not only the safety recommendations, but also taking sustainability into account.


To know our materia medica it is necessary to experiment with it, so I will guide you to build a close relationship with essential oils.

Personalized Formulation

There are various forms and formulation techniques that I will present to you and that you can use in your practice to formulate aromatic preparations in a personalized way.

Customer Consultation

I will guide you to form your practice in aromatherapy for customer service.

Research and Permanent Study

The investigative practice of an aromatherapist is essential to grow professionally and update knowledge, so to complete the course it is necessary to carry out research tasks.

Look at everything you will learn!

Video, text and PDF lessons

Module I: Introduction to Holistic Aromatherapy

  • What is holistic aromatherapy
  • History of aromatherapy
  • Sustainability in practice
  • Correct language and scope
  • Code of ethics

Module II: About the essential oils

  • About essential oils
  • Methods to obtain essential oils
  • Botanical nomenclature
  • Chemotypes
  • Quality and
  • Adulterations
  • Olfactory training
  • Contraindications for use
  • Topical use, dilutions
    Olfactory use/inhalation
  • Study of 40 essential oils throughout the course

Module III: Carrier oils and hidrolats

  • Vegetable oils
  • Herbal oils
  • Waxes, butters and other carriers
  • Hidrolats

Module IV: Essential oils chemistry

  • Introduction to organic chemistry
  • Characteristics of chemical families

Module V: Blending technics

  • Basic perfumery techniques
  • Aromatic classifications of essential oils
  • Review of different blending or formulation techniques

Module VI: Aromatic preparations

  • Instructions for different aromatic preparations to use essential oils topically, in inhalation and environmental diffusion

Module VII: Applied aromatherapy

  • Basic anatomy and physiology
  • Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
  • Related properties of essential oils and associated conditions for each body system

Module VIII: Consultation and customization

  • Considerations
  • Framework for practice
  • Consultation and monitoring

Module IX: Aromatic business

  • Once I have my certificate, what can I do?
  • Good manufacturing practices
  • How to run a successful business

Complete the course

In order to earn your certification you must complete the following assignments


Preparation of a monograph of an essential oil that is not studied during the course


Research paper on a topic of interest to you

Case study

Presentation of at least ten cases developed by you

Final exam

Review of all course content

Get Certified as an Aromatherapist

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The training has a scheduled duration of 10 months, but you can study at your own pace according to your needs and available time.

Monthly meetings

A Zoom meeting is held once a month to clarify doubts and share experiences

Whatsapp group

Throughout the course you will have the possibility to contact me by email or whatsapp to clarify your doubts


Course "Initiation to Aromatherapy"

By enrolling in the course «Holistic Aromatherapy» you will have access to the basic course «Initiation to Aromatherapy» which will serve as a leveling to acquire the basic knowledge to take the training course.

See what our students say about the course

Here we share some testimonials

Before starting the training with Claudia, the information I had on essential oils was minimal and also taken from here and there from social networks and without any assurance that it was reliable. I suppose the fear of starting the course will be the same for almost everyone: not being up to the task, not being able to meet the objectives, etc... But above all, the lack of feedback that could be created between the trainer and the student, because due to previous bad experiences this had not been satisfactory. I just finished the course and I can only say good things. It is very complete and has given me a lot of confidence when it comes to formulating preparations. As for Claudia, what can I say, she was always there and she is there to solve all your doubts, in some cases with infinite patience and selflessly. I highly recommend taking this training.
Guillermina Olivier - Spain
Holistic Aromatherapy Student
Studying with you has opened many horizons for me, something that I had kept very close to me has opened up and it is an incredible experience to be able to reconnect with my emotions, with myself and to be able to see that aromatherapy is not simply an alternative medicine, that is, something that instead of a drug I need an essential oil and the truth is that it has been the opening to be able to realize how essential it is to be able to connect with oneself first... to be able to stop, to experiment, to be able to connect with each part of a plant and connect and discover that in the end everything is interconnected... and the wonder of knowing that plants have that magic that is medicine and being able to rediscover that with this study that I have done with you.
Cecilia Navarro - Peru
Holistic Aromatherapy Student
For me, the training you offer has been very practical and inclusive. I had already done other training in aromatherapy but the one you offer from this holistic vision seems very complete to me to be able to understand essential oils much better and above all the different uses that can be given to them. I also really liked the security that the course gives off since it is about caring for people and not selling a final product, that is why the comprehensive study of each oil, of the human body, of its contraindications...
Laia Mallada - Spain
Holistic Aromatherapy Student
I always really wanted to train as an aromatherapist since I work with essential oils in a multi-level company, but I didn't know where or with whom to do it, because everywhere there are "courses and courses" and aromatherapy is no exception. Then the pandemic arrived and I saw it very far away, since there would be no possibility of doing something in person and how to study aromatherapy online? Impossible! That's what I thought until I came to Claudia and her Holistic Aromatherapy course. The course is so well designed that you progress at your own pace, with very clear explanations both in written and video format. We also have downloadable materials, links to delve into some topics (I loved the tea tree one!), monthly zoom sessions, WhatsApp support group, etc. I haven't finished the course yet, but I've really enjoyed it and I appreciate the dedication and professionalism with which Claudia did it. I absolutely recommend it!
Andrea Canales - Chile
Holistic Aromatherapy Student
I did this course because I participated in the aromatherapy congress. I liked it a lot and I met Claudia and she encouraged me to continue training. This course has given me a lot of knowledge that I did not have, I have learned a lot about the applications of essential oils. I did not imagine that it had so much content and I found the course very well structured. Claudia is a very close person. She would recommend it to everyone. Thank you!
Anna Martin - Spain
Holistic Aromatherapy Student

Claudia Codriansky

About me

Hello! Welcome to Aromavioleta. My name is Claudia Codriansky, I am Chilean, a mother of three and an aromatherapist.

I love teaching about aromatherapy and contributing to education and training on it in Latin American countries in a serious and responsible way.

I combine the scientific side with the emotional and spiritual side of essential oils since I believe that it is the appropriate way to take advantage of their full potential and all the information that essential oils provide us with. I also focus on the sustainable use of these, promoting the use and production of local essential oils, since each country has its own wealth of aromatic and medicinal plants.

Creator of Aromática, the International Online Congress of Aromatherapy since 2019.

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